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Heartstrings Creative Co.

We create custom songs paired with heartbeats for one-of-a-kind, timeless keepsakes

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We're here to capture heartbeats: young, old, beginning and end... 

preserving your stories and moments in time 

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Our Services

Custom Song + Heartstrings Team Records heartbeat

Custom Song + DIY Recording



The Heartstrings team meets with you to record the heartbeat using a Bluetooth stethoscope or doppler. The team writes a custom song and uses the heartbeat as the "beat" in the background. For a family song, we can record multiple heartbeats and blend them into one song.

Available for clients in the Birmingham Metro Area. 

The client records the heartbeat during ultrasound for moms-to-be OR rents/purchases one of our dopplers to record at their home and sends the clip to the Heartstrings team. Clients can use voice memos on their phone to capture the heartbeat and the team will provide tips for getting the best sound bite. See Services Page for more detail. 

Play "Take Heart" Example

Play "Shine Bright" Sample

“This is priceless and there is nothing like it.”

Carrie, Custom Family Song Client

Our Team

Kim and Mary are both Board Certified Music Therapists with a combined 20 years of experience. They are both alumni of the University of Alabama and have worked as Music Therapists at a local hospital providing music therapy to a variety of populations. They each have their NICU-MT certification which has allowed them to work with premature infants and newborns with other chronic illnesses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They also have years of experience working in the hospice and palliative care setting. As they have both transitioned to being stay-at-home moms themselves, serving other moms and families by providing these one-of-a-kind gifts is something they are passionate about and are thrilled to be able to make this dream a reality!


Mary Cleveland

Kim Hamrick

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