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Who is this for?

Heartbeat recordings are offered for infants, kids and any family member you would like included in your song

Can this be given as a gift?

Yes! You can purchase any item or custom song off our site as a gift. You will be e-mailed a PDF for printing that includes a QR code for the recipient to get started on their song easily!

Why would I want this?

No two heartbeats are the same. Heartbeat recordings are a one-of-a-kind, personalized memento that documents a treasured time in a family’s life

How does it work?

Can I add this to my registry?

1. Download the BabyList App
2. Tap “+ Any items” tab

3. Search “”

4. Select the product you want from our store

5. Tap “Add to Babylist”

A team member comes to you to record the heartbeats of the family members to be included in your song using a Bluetooth stethoscope or our doppler. This process is quick and simple. We pair the heartbeat with a custom song. The song will be delivered in a digital format as a timeless keepsake that can be easily shared with family/friends.


For babies in utero -- if you would like to have the recording done prior to your baby’s birth, you can record the heartbeat sounds during a fetal ultrasound and send a file to a team member for completion of the recording (We will give you helpful tips on how to do this!)

I do not live in Birmingham, what options do I have?

So glad you asked! You have two options: 

1) You can rent or purchase a doppler from us to record the heartbeat yourself and send us a voice memo of the recording We will provide a short instructional video to walk you through this!

2) If you (or the person you are giving this to)

are currently pregnant, you can record a voice memo at your next ultrasound and send it our way!

When would I receive the song?

The client should receive the song within 3 weeks after the heartbeat has been recorded or sent to the heartstrings team and the custom lyric form has been filled out. 

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